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About Us


With the disbanding of the Cardamom Traders Association and the Sri Lanka Association of Producers and Exporters of Spices and Other Products (SLPESOP), The Spices and Allied Products Traders’ Association (SAPTA) was formed on June 21,1984. In 1997, with the objective of enlarging the scope of the Association, it was re-named The Spices and Allied Products Producers’ and Traders’ Association (SAPPTA).


SAPPTA was primarily founded to enable its members, comprising exporters, producers and brokers associated with the spice industry and other such agricultural products, to address, with one voice, State Authorities on policy matters relating to them and to act in unison in strategies on increasing their production and exports from Sri Lanka. The Association undertook, as a priority, the responsibility of instilling discipline and order within the Industry.


SAPPTA has, over a period of twenty years developed into a strong institution. Its membership consists of 111 members, which has been expanded to include processors, dealers and those offering services to the industry. In its present form, SAPPTA is truly the ‘VOICE’ of the Spice Industry.


The Association promotes regular dialogue with the State Agencies and all other policy making bodies. The Association has excellent rapport with the Department of Export Agriculture of Sri Lanka (DEA), the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka (EDB), the Department of Customs, the Department of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Finance, as well as Foreign Agencies like the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).


The Association’s activities are managed by an Executive Committee of 20 members made up of annually elected representatives from the exporter, producer, processor, dealer and service sectors. The Colombo Brokers’ Association is invited to nominate a representative to serve on the Committee. In addition, the outgoing Committee may elect up to four past Chairmen to serve on the Committee. The Management Committee may also appoint to the Committee up to two persons with specialized knowledge in the field of Spices and Allied products. Sub-Committees are appointed to overview every sector and are headed by a member of the Committee, who acts as Convenor.



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